Let’s get this thing started

I am here in Lisbon for almost 6 weeks now. And how did I get here? I have been working as a volunteer mentor in ESN (Erasmus Student Network), where we help exchange students at our university. So I had a lot of connection with Erasmus students, although I’ve never been on my own Erasmus. I will tell you later how I joined ESN, but it is a story for an other day. I always wanted to go to Erasmus, and I grabbed my last chance, so now, in my last semester of my master’s in Computer Science I am spending this semester in Lisbon, at NOVA IMS. I am currently writing my thesis and I take a few courses here too.

I tried writing blogs before, mostly in Hungarian, just for friends and family, so they can read what I am up to. This will be my first try at writing in English. I am not sure yet how to go about this whole blog writing thing, so you should expect various different posts. Maybe later I’ll find my style, maybe I’ll stick with writing whatever comes to my mind. Ugh, that could be interesting, I am not sure I want everyone to read what’s going on in my head!

For now I will just write basically for myself.  We will see how it turns out. To be honest I don’t think I will tell too many people about this, so feel lucky and honored if you are here 😀

Now I’ll go get something to eat, because all this writing made me hungry. See ya!

Oh, and just to see how this works on this platform, you got to see this nice picture of me chilling at the end of the world.



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